The Dental Implant Process

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  • Free Evaluation of implant requirements

    Our expert team will evaluate your implant needs

  • 3D scan

    Bone density evaluation for potential implant

  • Implant anchor delpoyed

    We place the implant anchor into your mouth.

  • New zircon tooth fitted

    Your custom tooth is fitted

Simplified Dental Implanr Process

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  • Free Consultation

    Meet with our dental implant specialists to discover if you are a candidate for an implant and discuss the cost of various treatment options open to you.

  • Implant Base Attached

    Guided by our 3D scan, our dental specialist will drill a small hole in the jawbone and inserts a titanium screw that fuses with your natural bone.

  • Your NEW tooth

    The tooth-like part of the implant (the crown) is typically made of ceramic like material designed to look like and match your natural teeth.

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