Intra-oral Cameras

All our rooms are equipped with intra-oral cameras so that we may show you your oral condition on our monitors. The cameras allow us to properly explain what is happening in your mouth. The cameras also help us in our diagnosis through high magnification allowing us to visualize cavities, fractured fillings, fissures, etc. They allow us to photograph any lesions or fillings that we must keep an eye on and keep track of for future visits. They are also useful for the effective transmission of information to insurance companies when necessary.

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Digital Reflex Camera

We are also equipped with a digital reflex camera for high quality images. The camera is used to document, study and plan cases. Again on our monitors, you will be able to see these images of your teeth and your smile in great detail. They’ll help to transmit specific information and details of all structural subtleties, texture, translucence and color to the dental laboratory for the manufacturing of replacements as natural/true to you as possible

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