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Our Skilled Dentists & 3D Implantology Technology Make the Difference

Get a free consultation and learn how dental implants can give you your smile back. At the Roy Street Dental Clinic, one of our goals is to give access to implantology to more people. With the use of the latest technologies and knowledge, we can diminish the duration, the complexity and the cost of dental implant treatment. Implantology is first a prosthetic discipline with a strong surgical component. By using computer case planning and guided surgery we’re able to bring both aspects together from the start to give the best final result possible.

With computer case planning, the surgery is more precise, is faster and without surprises. Its also easier to reduce the need for bone grafting by maximizing the use of the existing bone volume, by using for example tilted implants. The surgery is done with minimal tissue opening resulting in less post-operative pain and swelling. In cases of bone grafting, different new techniques can simplify the interventions like using tunneling techniques and platelet rich fibrin, a technique to get growth factors from a simple blood sample.

Come and meet us for a free consultation and learn of all the available options to give you your smile back. Together, we will find a treatment adapted to your needs and means.

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Why Consider Implants?

Prevents bone loss

Stops remaining teeth from drifting

Gives you the sensation and function of natural teeth

Why Roy Street Dental Clinic?

3D Implantology

Best planning and execution
Most advanced tecnology in the world
Minimal risk
Simplified bone graft
Less postoperative pain
No surprises
Pas de surprises

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