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    One of the major challenges in dentistry today is to make the right diagnosis and find the suitable treatment for each patient. The advent of new diagnostic technologies and new treatments for oral diseases brings us a larger number of possible treatments. It’s a good thing, but for you and for us the choice can then become even more complicated (orthodontics, gum treatment, root canals, implants …)

    Where do we begin? How do we do it? Is it affordable?

    Establishing a trusting relationship is the primary role of a dentist and one that I’ve always taken on. If a visit to the dentist is not always what some look forward to despite all the efforts we make, the feeling of having had the best possible treatment, best suited in all circumstances remains a constant goal of mine.

    Serge Lafortune, dentist
    Doctor of Dental Medicine
    PhD in the Study and Practice of Media Arts

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