Dr. Indji May BouaouinaGeneral Dentist

    Graduated from University of Montreal in 2019

    I am a member of the Ordre des dentistes and the Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec

    My first steps…
    Say that a year before my application into this program, I did not realize yet how much I was going to be in love with this profession. And now, after five years of hard work and filled with thrills and hope, I can finally begin my career.

    As a general practitioner, I remain open to all aspects of dentistry.

    • From caries to fillings that let you down at the wrong time!
    • Rotary endodontic
    • crowns, bridges, veneers.
    • If the implant or bridge options are not suitable for you, be aware that the option of removable prostheses remains. A reliable, predictable option that allows multiple teeth to be replaced at the same time.
    • When things go wrong fast, sometimes on the eve of the weekend! Know that I will be there to help you; And if time is short, at least reassure you and ensure you professional follow-up.
    • I make sure the foundations (gums, support bones) are solid and will be there for a long time.
    • Surgery
    • Bleaching

    Children and adults.

    While I stay on the lookout for new learnings and challenges, I keep in mind what is most important, the autonomy and well-being of the patient as well as the quality of care. That is why I continues to improve my practice through continuing dental education.

    Greeting to everyone reading my profile

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